A Dental Filling Is Often an Effective Treatment Method for Repairing a Small Cavity

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There are times when even brushing your teeth twice and flossing once each day, simply isn’t enough to prevent a small cavity from afflicting one of your teeth. Without timely treatment from a dentist like Dr. James Schall the area of tooth decay can gradually start to spread to compromise a significant amount of the tooth.

In many of these cases Dr. James Schall can often treat a small cavity with a composite dental filling. This will prevent the tooth decay from spreading, thus preserving the tooth without need for more invasive dental care.

Once Dr. James Schall has sufficiently numbed the tooth, they will use a special dental drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. This will effectively create the necessary surface to bond the dental filling. The material that they uses for the dental filling will be based on both the tooth’s primary function, and its appearance in your smile.

Composite dental fillings can be applied in a single appointment. These are made from a special type of dental plastic that can be shaded to match seamlessly with the surrounding enamel. This makes it a good choice for repairing a small cavity that appears in your smile.

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