Can Your Oral Health Be Improved with CEREC® Treatments?

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Are you aware of dental crowns that can be customized and installed in a single visit? They exist in the form of CEREC® same-day dental crowns. Thanks to modern technology and the use of cutting-edge computer-assisted technology, CEREC crowns can be crafted to suit your oral health needs in the minimal amount of time. With CEREC crowns, you can have your crown milled, customized, fitted, and installed all in the period of a single day.

CEREC crowns are modified and milled on state of the art computer equipment at our dentist office. They can be adjusted for a fully customized look and feel designed to give your teeth the maximum level of protection. If your dentist wishes to make any alterations and modifications, they can do so easily on the computer. This helps ensure the safest and most accurate fit possible for your crown.

CEREC technology can also be used in other tooth restoration treatments including those used for treating cavities. If a dental filling is needed to fill in a cavity, the materials in CEREC can be used to craft a filling that is both tooth-colored and more durable than standard composites.

If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a glorious smile with CEREC, set an appointment with Bel Air Smile Partners at our dentist office in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Dr. James Schall and the rest of our team can be reached at 410-939-4030. Visit us today, and your smile will thank you!