Care for Your Smile by Learning About Tooth Hazard Warning Signs

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When you’re ready to implement safe and effective procedures for your smile, make sure you think about all potential tooth hazard risks that can befall your teeth and gums. By analyzing all the risks in your life and thinking about what you can do to keep your smile safe, you can make the necessary changes to ensure your smile has the best chance for oral health success.

Is your smile safe from the dental dangers of tooth hazards in your everyday life? Are you taking the time to assess all foods and drinks that you’re consuming and how they could potentially damage your smile? Did you know that coffee and red wine can be extremely detrimental to your health? This is because they can easily produce pigments strong enough to pull color into a tooth and cause deep stains and discolorations to occur. In addition, wines tend to be acidic, so they can contribute to wearing down your tooth enamel.

Using your mouth incorrectly can severely impair your oral health. This includes biting your nails and chewing on products that are not meant to be and most importantly, you should always avoid trying to open bottle caps or product packaging with your teeth. This is one of the biggest risks that can occur to your smile and can severely hinder your oral health in an instant. Cases have occurred in which individuals have knocked out multiple teeth simply by trying to pop open a product lid with their teeth. Keep your smile safe and use common sense.

Do you require more information about the benefits of tooth hazard care? With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. James Schall and our team at our office in Havre de Grace, Maryland, we can make sure your smile thrives with tooth hazard care. To book an appointment for tooth hazard care at Bel Air Smile Partners, feel free to contact us at 410-939-4030.