Encouraging Good Oral Hygiene Practices in Youth Can Help Your Child Maintain Good Oral Health as an Adult

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Your son or daughter’s oral health can be an important factor in their health and development in childhood. Cavities, tooth loss and other oral health problems can be especially distressing in the early years. At the same time, encouraging good oral hygiene practices in their youth can also increase your child’s chances of maintaining those habits as an adult.

You can start brushing and flossing your child’s teeth as they erupt from the gums. As their manual dexterity improves you can let them play at brushing their teeth. Providing them with a themed toothbrush and a child safe toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association can also help maintain their enthusiasm.

You might find it easier to floss their primary molars by wrapping the strand around your pinky.  As your son or daughter’s dexterity improves they can start to floss their own teeth. They might struggle at first to handle the dental floss strand. A simple floss stick is an easy to hold to help them get started. Just make sure they understand not to force the floss or snap it into their gums.

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