Knowledge Foundation: Chewing Gum

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One of the benefits that sugarless chewing gum can provide for your smile is that it helps protect your teeth with an additional cleaning tool that is both safe and nonabrasive. Furthermore, sugarless chewing gum is effective at any age and can help add an additional layer of protection to your health care.

If you routinely find yourself suffering from issues associated with your oral health, it may be linked to your oral hygiene tactics. Although there are several things you can do to enhance your brushing and flossing techniques, it may also be a good idea to try adding a supplemental cleaning tool such as mouthwash and sugarless chewing gum. Although we often don’t think of chewing gum as something that helps our teeth and gums, it can prove to be beneficial in washing away food debris and preventing cavities. In fact, studies have shown that by chewing gum after meals, you can help prevent the formation of cavities because of the presence of saliva.

Saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth that has several oral healthcare qualities including the abilities to neutralize acids and remove food debris in your mouth. Additional saliva in your mouth produced by sugarless chewing gum is also beneficial in the treatment and prevention of heartburn. Heartburn is a health condition in which acids begin to back up in your stomach and are forced into your mouth. Unfortunately, these acids are harmful to your teeth and can cause dental erosion. If you ever suffer from heartburn, it may be wise to try chewing gum to help neutralize the effects of these acids.

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