You Should Not Use a New Whitening Product Without First Consulting a Dentist

The dental care industry is one staffed by dentists, hygienist, dental assistants, and other oral care specialists that have a passion for helping people maintain a healthy mouth. This includes consultations and basic examinations to help address a salient dental or oral health problem. In some areas of general dentistry cosmetic dental consultations can help enhance your smile’s appearance without... read more »

There Are Multiple Methods for Restoring Your White Smile

Dental staining can be caused from several different sources. This typically occurs from consuming dark foods and beverages as well as aging. Tobacco users also have frequent struggles with stained teeth. The severity of the stains and their depth in your tooth enamel will determine the whitening method needed to restore your white smile. It's always a good idea to... read more »

Whitening Strips Can Brighten Minor Surface Stains

Many people struggle with teeth stains. Fortunately, our Bel Air Smile Partners team can help you find the best whitening products or professional treatments that safely and effectively brighten your smile. Wearing whitening strips is a convenient way of whitening minor surface stains on your teeth as you go about your day. You simply apply them to your teeth and... read more »