Your Greatest Trick This Season Should Be Treating Your Smile Well

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It’s easy to fall into the haunted house of horrors that awaits your teeth and gums this Halloween, but perhaps this time around you could change it up a bit, and spend the following weeks in good clean health, not suffering tummy aches and tooth decay. You can still experience all the fun that the season has to offer, but try to do so responsibly:

– If you have children, swap out their candy for toys they may have been interested in, as a way for them to enjoy the joys of trick-or-treating, but also to stop them from eating buckets of candy afterward. You could also offer a buyback program to the child, and offer the child money, or incentives, in exchange for their candy.
– Avoid hard candy, which can chip teeth, and is difficult to brush away, or sticky candy, which can stick to the teeth’s enamel, and speed up the rate of tooth decay.
– Be sure to remember that the longer candy is in contact with your teeth, the longer tooth decay can occur. As always, be sure to brush and floss.
– Dispose of any extra candy lying around after the holiday, as you may find yourself eating it for weeks afterward.
– Visit your dentist for an oral exam and professional cleaning.
– Try to indulge in healthy treats. Your sweet tooth need not be limited only to sugary snacks this season.

If you have any questions or concerns, or to set up an appointment, please call us to at 410-939-4030, or stop by our office in Havre de Grace, Maryland. From everyone at Bel Air Smile Partners, we wish you a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!